Why Sizarz is right for hair stylists who are serious about their professional growth.

Sizarz is different. Read on to learn why Sizarz is the right choice for both stylists and clients.

Individual stylist listings over salon listings

Sizarz promotes hair stylists, not salons. We let clients find stylists they love based on meaningful search criteria, not just location, and directly reach out to stylists for bookings, questions, and appointments. A majority of stylists are not employees of a salon and their earnings directly correlate to their personal brand, exposure and getting quality, repeat bookings. This is why we promote stylists as individual professionals. Most importantly, stylists are at the epicenter of what we offer, as we strive to help stylists build their personal brand so if a stylist ever needs to change a salon or decides to start his or her own business, their Sizarz profile and personal brand are never negatively affected.

Let your work do the talking and booking

We allow your work to speak for itself and place minimal emphasis on reviews and ratings. Why? Because ratings are subjective and pictures of your work are objective! We promote our stylists tirelessly, including on our social media platforms. All stylists featured on our Instagram are automatically featured on our main page on Sizarz.com! A majority of our stylists featured on Instagram have fewer than 2,000 followers, many have less than 1,000! We promote all and everyone but focus on those who need the most exposure. This means exposure to tens of thousands of people, more visitors, and more bookings! While your social profiles are open to people all over the world, it is those clients that are near you who need to be able to find you as a stylist with ease. Sizarz allows that and more.

Quality over quantity

Another interesting aspect at Sizarz is that we don’t allow automatic booking of a predetermined service for a predetermined price. Why? Because we believe in YOUR value and worth as a stylist, organic relationship building and getting in touch before agreeing on a price and booking! Until the client is in a stylist’s chair, no exact price can be determined and every experienced stylist who wants to provide the best result for their client knows this! We want you to never undervalue or undercut yourself and we suggest that you always provide a range of pricing and fair estimates for your services to client inquiries but do not commit to a single fixed price point before consultation!

Appointment booking choices

We want to give stylists and clients a choice on how to proceed with appointment bookings, and that’s why we’re not ‘yet another booking software.’ Clients can easily request appointments through Sizarz with stylists. We give you, the stylist, the power to decide how you want to be contacted with appointment requests. Text? We got that! DM? No problem! Call? Sure! Emails? Got it! Through Instagram? We offer that too! You set your own preferred contact options for bookings. Moreover, clients don’t feel pressured to provide payment before getting in touch with a stylist for a consultation and stylists don’t have to feel pressured to enter fixed prices for services as many services vary in price based on many criteria, even as simple as hair length or the state of the hair. In this sense, Sizarz is not just another booking software, we’re a community for connecting stylists and clients and helping them find each other.

Keep all your earnings to yourself

Sizarz is completely free. Sign up as a stylist today at https://sizarz.com