Washing hair every day, Yay or Nay?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Should I wash my hair every day? Does washing hair every day make my hair dirty quicker? What’s the best cadence of washing my hair?
The answer is: it depends.

Yeah, I know, this isn’t the answer that you’d like to hear but hair hygiene isn’t as simple as cleaning your teeth every day. For some, washing hair every day is the way to go. Say you produce enough oil that your hair looks dirty by the end of the day and on top of this, you work and sweat at the gym every day. Washing hair daily makes total sense for this hypothetical you. Moreover, going to bed with dirty, oily, sweaty, dusty (you got it) hair means all these accumulations will end up on your pillow and then on your skin. Yikes, right? Who wants breakouts caused by unwashed hair? Not this gal! 
For some though, washing hair daily makes no sense. If you have the type of hair and lifestyle that doesn’t lead to greasy or dirty hair on a daily basis, then wash on an as-needed basis to maintain a clean and nourished scalp. If unsure, ask your hairstylist, but in reality there isn’t a one size fits all advice that anyone can give you. Try finding the right balance between overwashing and underwashing your hair — for some the ideal solution is every day based on their active lifestyle and rapid oil or dirt build-up, but for others once or twice a week does the trick.

Interesting to note: Sometimes washing hair daily is related to a perception of lack of cleansines unless hair is shampooed daily. Some people actually feel the need to wash their hair every day, even if it’s not dirty or oily. If you’re one of these people trying to cut down on daily washes (we get it, it’s time consuming and who has time nowadays), try experimenting with dry shampoo to cut down on unnecessary shampooing.  

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