Top 3 client marketing tips every independent hair stylist must know

As a hairdresser, you’re an entrepreneur, so it’s important that your digital Sizarz profile, your Instagram, Facebook or other online portfolios where you showcase your work, are attractive to new clients. In a world where people place a lot of emphasis on visuals, aka pictures of your hair art, it’s crucial that you take into account your customer personas. As a successful beauty entrepreneur, you should understand your customers – their needs, likes, wants and perceptions of the world, and take these into account as part of your digital marketing strategy to  make your existing clients want to return to you, recommend you to their friends and families, attract new customers and beat the competition while you’re at it. We analyzed hundreds of hair stylist and barber profiles and determined that the below three strategies can help you stay on top of the competition and maintain a professional personal brand that will attract clients.

Keep it professional.

Don’t mix personal photos, like photos of your morning toast, your favorite pooch, your hubby and kids, with photos of your professional work. Keep your personal and professional profiles separate. As you know, Sizarz allows you to synch your Instagram with your Sizarz profile, saving you time by not needing to upload photos to Sizarz. New clients can find you on Sizarz much easier than on social media but if they see photos of your balayage work intermixed with photos of your private life, they’ll most likely be deterred.  

Say NO to filters.

This tip is so important that I can’t over-emphasize it. Never use filters or enhancers as it’s often very easy to spot and it looks like you have to rely on deceit in order to make your work look good. That’s not true as you know, so ditch the filters and start using good lighting for your photos to make your photos pop, and don’t even think of over-filtering that golden blonde to look like a white blonde. Clients make decisions to book you based on photos of your work, and deceit won’t make for returning clients. 

Know your customer.

Know your customers and market to them, don’t leave anyone out. Understand that Gen Z clients are different from Millennials. While Millenials are attracted to magazine-like perfect photos and are guilty of over-applying filters to their own photos, Gen Z is attracted to real, life-like photos that are candid in nature. So make sure that you snap pictures of your work in an informal format as well as if the model is unaware of the picture. Gen Z isn’t into posed photos, but Millenials are, so mix and match your photos to include more natural, less posed and perfect  photos of your work to connect with Gen Z clients.

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