This is how I increased my tips!

Opinion Piece

Hair stylists, read on if you want to increase your chances of getting more tips (and generous ones). The secret sauce is to deliver value that your clients will perceive as something above and beyond the standard. The easiest and simplest way to make your clients feel like a million bucks and almost obligated to tip you is to give them an amazing head and scalp massage. My client recently confided in me ‘Scalp massage is the reason I  look forward to haircuts!’. Learn and work them pressure points by applying steady and gentle pressure with your fingers and massaging for at least 3 minutes and your clients will start looking forward to their appointments. An expert scalp massage will  relax the client; watch for cues such as closed eyes in a sleep-like enigma state. 

Important points: Be sure you are an expert at this; train on your colleagues or family members first and continue to hone your head massage skills! Scalp massage is  a skill that takes practice and patience to be performed expertly and surely takes time to master. If you do it wrong by piercing your nails into poor client’s scalp, pull hair and scratch the client’s head inexpertly, it is sure to achieve the opposite effect.