The Truth about Women’s Rogaine: Does it actually work?

I have thin hair to begin with, but when I turned 30, I noticed that my hair started to thin out even more, especially alongside my hairline and sides. Beauty vlogs rarely talk about hair loss, especially in younger women, but it happens and it ain’t pretty. I decided to try Rogaine to see whether I can slow down my hair loss and get some new hair regrowth. I am sharing my personal experience here.

I used Rogaine for 6 months but noticed results on month 4 in the form of baby hairs and fuzzies coming out. Interestingly, the first two weeks of using this product I noticed that I actually had some hair fall out, so I almost quit but it seems to be a common side effect, so I soldiered on and was pretty happy with the results. I used the women’s foam version of the product, every day, once a day in the evening, to help with my thinning hair. Here is my list of pros and cons of this product. Note that these are my personal pros and cons and your experience may vary. I personally stopped using the product because I got lazy and it was getting a little too expensive to continue for life. See, the problem with it is that once you stop using it, all that hair that grew will fall out. Poof and gone! Lastly, if you have serious hair loss problems or are unsure about potential side effects, the best person to speak with is your doctor or a hair loss specialist.


Noticeable regrowth of baby and fuzzy hair

Slowed down hair loss

No prescription needed

Easy to use, once a day for foam

Notable results after only a few months 


Expensive – about $29 dollars at a grocery store in US

Texture of foam made my hair appear dirty and flat after application

Results aren’t permanent and hair will fall out after stopping use

Can have serious side effects, so consult your doctor before you use it

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