Protect your investment. 5 tips on how to make your salon hair color last!

You just invested a small fortune into getting that trendy, selfie-perfect hair color. Now making that new hair color last longer takes some care and effort. Here’s a few simple tips that will make the color last and look great until your next appointment! 


Use color protective shampoo and conditioner. It’s common sense – you’ve just invested money to get your hair professionally dyed so why wash away that money with harsh shampoo products? Color-protectants do work, but not all products are the same. Find a great hair stylist and ask him or her for advice. Your hair stylist is your hair’s best friend and will recommend you products based on your budget.

Condition, condition, condition! 

It traps the ‘ink’ in and makes your hair feel and look like a million bucks. A good conditioner also protects hair and nourishes it, which is a must for your color-treated hair. Tinted conditioners are another smart and cost-effective way to fight the fade. Blondes — consider using purple conditioner a couple times per week to fight the yellow tone coming out as color and toner wash away. Redheads — look into conditioners with red tint to keep the color vibrant. Reds tend to wash away much faster than other colors! The good thing is that color protective products are usually affordable and are a cost-effective way to prevent color washing away too early. Who wants to go to a hair stylist for a color application every 3 weeks? Not this gal!

Don’t wash your hair right away.

Try not to wash your hair for 48 hours after a hair coloring appointment. Afterall, you wouldn’t go digging in flower beds after getting a fresh manicure, so why go and wash all that color away? When washing hair, use lukewarm rather than hot water. The hotter the water, the less time the color will last. If you’re like me and need to wash your hair every day, try to befriend a dry shampoo. 

Sun is your frenemy.

Too much UV exposure will not only fade the salon hair color but damage hair and turn it into hay! Avoiding ‘too much’ sun, wearing a hat while under direct sun and avoiding tanning beds are all not only great for hair, but also for skin health. But we already know that, right? 

Hot makes hair NOT!

Heat is the enemy of hair color and definitely contributes to early fading. If weather and time allows, just let your hair air dry on its own. If you have to use styling tools, use heat protectants to prevent extensive damages. 

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