Low maintenance hair color techniques for brunettes and blondes on a budget.

Professional hair coloring costs a mini fortune, but since not all coloring techniques are high maintenance, even clients on a ramen budget can still get an Instagram-worthy trendy color without breaking the bank with monthly follow-up appointments. How you ask? Opt for balayage and here’s why. 

With balayage, maintenance is minimal. It’s a freehand technique of painting hair with a brush;  so in a way, what you see is what you get. You and your stylist can control the amount of highlighting done and locations where brush is applied. So whether you get a full head balayage or a soft face frame, balayage is perfect for a trendy, low maintenance look. The root regrowth is less noticeable and blends in beautifully as hair gets broken into interplaying mix of several shades of dark and light. Balayage adds dimension and volume to hair and looks beautiful even after several months! If you have dark hair, you may be able to forego appointments to get your color refreshed (or shall we say re-balayaged, for 3-4 months!). Blondes can go without a second appointment for as long as 6 months! 

Quick Tip: If you’re on a budget and desire little maintenance with fewer trips to the salon,  avoid high maintenance/high contrast techniques like ombre or all over color where root regrowth is very noticable.

Now that you’re convinced that balayage is perfect for women on a budget, check out Sizarz to find individual hair stylists who specialize in balayage and book your next appointment.