I’m a brunette and want white blonde hair. Should I go for it?

Don’t we all sometimes ache for a radical change? Brunettes often get this burning desire to reinvent themselves as blondes, which may or may not be influenced by a recent trend in celeb communities to go blonde –  from Kim K to Selena Gomez we have seen it all. Trends aside, it’s important to understand that the journey from brunette to blonde hair differs for everyone and experiences vary. Afterall, not all brunettes are the same, and the time to get to your desired shade of blonde depends on the condition of your hair, whether your hair is already dyed or whether hair stylist will be dealing with virgin hair. In general, the #goblonde journey involves removal of pigment, which brunettes have plenty of, and the whole transformation often takes several salon appointments. Thus, don’t expect to go blonde in a single 2 hour session — it  ain’t going to happen.

What to expect you ask?

Expect 2-4 appointments, depending on the condition of your hair and the end result you want to achieve. Also, expect a coppery or yellow hair color upon initial bleaching. Your stylist will tone your hair to get you going until your second session but don’t blame the stylist if you aren’t an icy blonde after your first session. Going blonde takes patience. I know I have said this like 100 times already but girl,  be patient. Depending on your original hair color, condition of your hair, the progress made during each bleaching session — there may be large variations in the transition times from brunette to blonde among clients, so just because your friend was able to go ice blond in 2 sessions doesn’t mean you will too. Results may vary.

Get a good stylist to avoid hair breakage and fall out. If you are looking for a perfect hair stylist who is a total blondologist, check out Sizarz.com hairstylist listings. But even with a hair magician by your side, understand that bleaching is never good for your hair and there is always a chance that damage will occur, especially if you aren’t totally honest with your stylist regarding your hair history. Tell it all and remember that a good hair stylist will customize the coloring technique so that it’s right for you! 

Lastly, it’s also important for you to understand that blonde is high maintenance, especially if you want your roots to be blonde as well rather than have that popular smudge-like look. High maintenance means more frequent trips to the salon, more time and more money investment. Even Kim K gave up, so ask yourself are you in it? If you’d rather not go so high maintenance but still go light, talk to your stylist about balayage which is one of the most popular hair painting techniques available today. Whatever you decide to do, check our Sizarz.com to book your next hair adventure.