How much should I tip a hair stylist?

This is one question that we tend to ask a lot. Should I tip 15%, 20%? What if I wasn’t happy with the service, should I still tip? Should I feel guilty for tipping less? Should I still tip if color and cut were very expensive? Do I need to tip the shampoo girl? Should I give cash tips or tip via credit card? We got the answers for you. Read on to learn about gratuity!

How much is customary to tip a hair stylist?

15% -20% – You were very happy and loved your new hair style!

25%-30% –  Your stylist went above and beyond for you! You were experimenting at home with box dye and ruined your hair! Your stylist felt for you, fit you in the very next day, turned your orange and green hair into a million dollar balayage without a tint of brass! She/he offered you wine to relax, gave you an exceptional head massage and sent you out with samples of products to keep your hair styled.

What if I wasn’t happy with the hairstyle I received? Should I still tip?

If you’re unhappy with the style, color, cut or anything that occurred during the service, speak up and allow your stylist the opportunity to correct it for you. Professional hairstylists are not mind readers and they want you to leave happy so it’s in your best interest to ask for a fix! If your stylist corrects the cut or color for you to your satisfaction, it’s the courteous thing to do to leave a tip of at least 15%. However, it is up to you whether you want to leave a tip. A professional hair stylist will never be upset, rude or unpleasant about correction requests. If you are dealing with the opposite, perhaps this is not the right stylist for you and you should not feel obligated to tip. 

Should I tip the shampoo girl?

Professional hair stylists often have assistants to help them with simple tasks like getting clients prepped for color, shampooing and even blow drying. It’s a courteous thing to do to tip the assistants a small amount such as $5 to show your appreciation. 

Should I tip with cash?

If this is your first appointment at a new salon with a new stylist, it’s a good idea to ask whether credit/debit card tips are accepted ahead of time (afterall, not all of us carry cash). Some salons actually do not allow tips other than cash or check. In general, cash is the best form of tipping as the stylist will get it right away!