Hairdresser’s corner. Simple tips from PROs to avoid hair damage

Beauty requires sacrifice, and sometimes that means sacrificing beauty procedures for the long-term health of your hair. Afterall, unhealthy, damaged and dull hair isn’t pretty. Below are 3 common mistakes that folks make leading to damaged hair and frequent trips to wig salons. 


Perms have lost their popularity but they’re still out there. If you don’t know what a perm is, here’s a quick rundown. A perm is permanent and it makes your hair curly. To achieve this, a hairdresser applies chemicals to your hair which in turn break the chemical bonds that make up your hair. This leads to a fundamental change in the structure of your hair and is not advised. There are ways to reduce the destructive effects of a perm, so research hair stylists who specialize in perms before you jump on the perm bandwagon. 

At home hair bleaching

Bleaching is best left for professional hairstylists. Not only may you end up with very undesirable results, but you may end up losing chunks of your hair! Bleaching can also lead to unexpected results on previously colored hair as roots and ends may require special attention to avoid patchy and discolored, calico-cat looking hair. Sizarz.com lists hairstylist listings with photos of work, so pay attention to before and after photos, especially if you’re  going from dark hair to light hair. If you like the look and results you see on photos, go ahead and let a professional get you that beachy blonde look. 

Overusing hot tools

Curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers, you name it, all make our life simpler; however, it isn’t recommended that you use flat irons or curling irons every day. If you start getting split ends and your hair looks dry and unhealthy, this means you have been overusing these tools. That also means that you need to add nourishing masks into your hair care routine and take a break from hot styling tools. Ideally, you’d also get a haircut to start afresh. The only repair for split and damaged ends is a good chop-chop. 

Stop putting food into your hair

There is a galore of life hacks and beauty tip videos on Insta or YouTube where ‘beauty gurus’ suggest that you put honey, milk, eggs, beer, lemon juice, olive oil or whatever leftovers remained from last night’s dinner. The reality is, hair care routine should be customized based on your unique needs and putting a bunch of food (well, maybe with the exception of mayo), onto your hair is not going to make it any healthier. The hair industry has stepped up, and trust me, egg whites and milk dumped on your hair can’t compete with professional hair products. Sometimes, these homemade masks can actually do damage your hair or your scalp. 

Parabens & sulfates

It’s best to avoid parabens and sulfates provided there are so many alternatives. Sulfates can cause damage to our cells and can lead to hair loss, overdrying of hair, scalp irritation and other nasty side effects. Sulfates are often added to shampoo products to allow them to lather. Sulfates should be listed as an ingredient, so aim for a shampoo that’s sulfate-free. The downside of these sulfate-free shampoos is that they don’t lather with ease, but that’s a sacrifice many take. What about parabens you ask? Parabens have mild estrogenic activity and can imitate estrogen in the body’s cells. While there is no evidence that parabens lead to breast cancer, why not avoid parabens if possible?

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