Don’t be that stylist or how to charge fair prices!

Misunderstandings, miscommunication, differences in perception and expectations between stylists and clients are common. With direct booking, clients can now book service appointments with assigned price tags just like they would buy a new lamp or a sofa online. But hair is neither a sofa nor a lamp, and charging a flat rate for services is bound to lead to dissatisfaction on both ends. Read on to learn how to deliver beautiful hair without undercharging for your services and de-valuing your worth!

There’s a special type of client who loves to bombard hair stylists with an asteroid rain of questions around cost of service before even getting into their chair: How much will the color cost? What if you cut only an inch, will that be cheaper? What about bangs, how much for that? What if we don’t wash and blow dry, then how much? Negotiators will bargain until they turn blue trying to knock down the price, because to them cheaper always equals better. They often will state that at a salon next door the same cut is cheaper and why can’t you just match the price (Walmart after all does!). Sadly, if the price isn’t slashed down, negotiators will be unhappy no matter how great the results of the cut or color are. 

So how do you avoid falling into this pitfall as a stylist? Consult, consult and educate! It’s never a good idea to answer these types of price-related questions via email, phone, DM or any other digital medium. If the client insists on an exact price tag, provide a price range and offer a free consultation so that cost of service can be assessed when you actually can get your hands on their hair and see what you’re dealing with. Do not to commit to an  upfront price tag (whether through direct booking or via phone) until you have the new client in your chair. 

It’s okay to provide a range of pricing but it’s important to educate the clients that there are many variables at stake and they should come in for a FREE consultation! Always offer free consultation to get to know the client and set expectations. This is the Sizarz way, because until that client is in your chair, you truly can’t assess the situation and cost of service and you risk undercharging for what you’re worth and the level of effort! Imagine that client who direct booked a few highlights for $50 and expects a full head balayage for their ankle-long pitch-black henna colored hair for that price in one appointment because their perception is that since they were able to book, that’s what they should get and for that exact price. Yes, we know we just described the worst case scenario, but things happen! So we reiterate – don’t commit to a price tag until you consult the client and you are both on the same page!

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