Don’t be that client!

Have you ever thought what your stylist may be secretly wanting to tell you not to do? Read on to learn how not to annoy your hairstylist and become their favorite client!

Sorry, I’m late! 

Does this sound like something you would say a lot? Are you in the habit of running late to your hair appointments? Once is probably fine but don’t make a habit out of it. Be courteous, call your stylist if you’re running late and apologize. Punctuality is your best friend – after all, you don’t want your stylist to rush through your appointment and be secretly upset with you. 

Your nanny called off sick and now you need to bring kids with you to your appointment. 

That’s okay as long as you don’t let your kids run around screaming, knocking equipment down and grabbing instruments like scissors and hot tools and potentially getting hurt! Stay in control of your kids at all times and be courteous. Don’t be that mom or dad with a ‘kids just being kids’ attitude. It’s also probably not a good idea to ask the salon staff to act like your personal daycare staff. 

I gotta take this call! 

Are you fidgeting, constantly moving your head, leaning forward and side-to-side or chatting on your phone while your stylist is trying to give you a haircut? For best results, we recommend you to sit still during your haircut unless you are a fan of asymmetry and pissing off your stylist.

So last night I had too much vodka and… 

Does this sound like you? TMI (aka too much information) is something that you may want to keep for best friend convos. Afterall, shocker value distractions are not your hair’s best friend.

Not telling the whole story. 

Does your hair have 3 layers of box dye and henna to top it off? Probably a good idea to tell your stylist so that he/she can figure out the best way to proceed with your new color so that your locks don’t turn some strange hue of green.

Too much shine!

Coming in with 5 day old unwashed and greasy hair that shines like a knight’s armor just because they anyways will wash it is a sure way to piss off your stylist. 

Show me the picture!

Trying to use sign language to explain what you want when a simple sample picture would do the trick. Visual communication is your best friend if you know what you want! Stylists love when you show them examples of hair you like. It’s a great starting point!

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